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by Teresa Abboud

Mural painting is one of the things I love doing, and here are various project done.


This wall painting on a Atlanta Downtown Building reflects what we are living now and what is Atlanta for me. A dreamer face from two different races sharing  her thoughts, her love for nature, colors, Atlanta, hope and freedom… 

My message behind this painting is that whatever is our race, color, gender and social level, we can all share the same dreams, freedom and future. 

Coffee wall painting.
During a big Fundraising at Refuge Coffee Co. Clarckston I was commissioned to draw live on their wall this painting that I did 100% with coffee, this might be the biggest Coffee wall painting ever done. And I was so grateful drawing with coffee, stories and sceneries of our life. Project done in 2021

We are all different and we drink Coffee"
Coffee Wall painting. Inspired by one of my Coffee Painting, I presented this middle sketch to Refuge Coffee Co. Clarckston, than I had the pleasure to realize on the wall with the help of my niece Alya Khoury. Coffee cups from all over the world that represents every country we come from, Coffee units us.

On an installation structure done by a group of student ftrom a University in Atlanta, related to the theme of Refugees, I had the chance to draw with coffee this group of people, people coming from all around the world , finding their home and Future in Atlanta Ga, and again all what united us among many things, is COFFEE. Project done in 2020

For the love of biking, hiking and nature, here is this wall painting I designed with Alya Khoury, for her bedroom. Atlanta Georgia, project done in 2021.

Zaya wall painting. 
this project was done in 2008, when the actual Barcelona restaurant used to be Zaya, a meditaranian restaurant in the heart of Highland Avenuein Atlanta. I painted on its wall scenery of Lebanon, The Jounieh bay, and 3 panels of Beirut’s downtown.  

Here is a wall painting I designed in a residential house in Lebanon in 2010, a sun room full of tropical plants that gave to this room more warmth.

Noahs wall painting
This Project have been done in St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, in Atlanta, in the nursing room. Project done in 2013.

photo 1(1) copy.jpg

Happy door
This is a happy welcome door in a girls room. Project done in 2022


Residential guest bathroom
In this project we added a window to the guest bathroom wall, the design is a bit oriental, suiting the taste of the owners. Project done in 2013.


Chalk wall
This project is for my 2 little daughters, chalk wall, inspired by a Middle Eastern city design.Project done in 2021

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