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by Teresa Abboud

Coffee time is the first theme I worked on in the creation of my company Teresa Afternoon. Inspired by Lebanese coffee and noticing that coffee is one of the things that units us in this world, wherever we come from we all drink coffee. 


All original artwork - Coffee time collection, poster 11x14 inches, all these posters are available on Etsy. They are also available as postcards 5x7 inches  and magnets 3x5 inches.



From the day I was born I smell the beautiful aroma of the Arabic coffee! It is always around a good coffee that stories are told jokes are said and… Coffee in Lebanon is not just a substance that wakes you up; it is an essential social element for any kind of gathering, happy or sad. And this is what I miss the most of my beloved country Lebanon! Being in the states for few years already, I miss having Arabic coffee with my mom in the morning, the visits at tante Janette where she will read my future in the small cup, and the numerous visits/chat around coffee. Today with these paintings and my collection “Coffee Time”, I try to make these moments last longer in my memories.


Gahwa Renaissance, 
Bellow is a project I did with the Aramco World magazine in 2020, I painted all the Arabic Coffee story with coffee. 

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majlis123 small.jpg
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Khalek EL MULLAH small.jpg