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Teresa Abboud

I'm an Illustrator & Fine Artist

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My name is Teresa Abboud I moved to Atlanta Georgia few years ago coming directly from Lebanon. I graduated from the Academie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts as an illustrator and animator 2D. I worked with many non-profit organizations and other companies before coming to Atlanta and founding my own family.


Living in Atlanta for a few years, I discovered many new cultures, listened to beautiful stories, made long road trips, volunteered in the Alif Institute - an Arabic cultural center – I have a strong belief that culture is the most important element that one can inherit in this world.

This pushed me to open my own company, “Teresa Afternoon” which I launched at the Alif institute festival. The main motivation of this company is creating Art such as paintings, printed arts, posters, postcards, etc. Being a resident on this planet, I appreciate every culture and I am keen to know every ethnicity and its origin. Hence such an interest has built me and watered my inspirations.

With the collection, “Coffee Time”, related to the Arabic coffee culture and the world, inspired by my entourage, and our era, I have chosen coffee as my first theme because I have had the nostalgia of drinking the Lebanese coffee with my mom in the morning and missing the smell of the Lebanese coffee in every aspect of the Lebanese life, in stores, at weddings, in bank meetings, on occasions and funerals. So I have found that coffee is not exclusively Lebanese, in fact, all cultures have their own coffee, so coffee became my first symbol of human unity.

Wherever we come from, we all drink coffee in our way, at our time, with our signature.


Coffee Time is for all of us.

I always try through my art to find the things that unite us regardless of our origin, religion, color, age, and social status. Other themes have come lately to me and with the reaction of the public, they have made me create and inspire the people around me.

Nostalgia, memories, and everyday life are the sparks that induce me to create new themes. Phases, time, and observations are also tools that open my eyes to address through my art new challenges.

Besides, the art collections that I have built up till now, I continue on illustrating books, making mural paintings, and organizing art classes for all ages. Finally, Art is the language that I share with the world.


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