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Commission painting

by Teresa Abboud

All original artwork - if you'd like to request a commission project please let me know in the form below.

We are one family.
This painting 6.5x6,5 feet was commissioned from me by the Alif Institute in Atlanta in 2021, to be donated to PCRF (Palestinian Childrens relief Fund) 
After hard time in Palestine, We did this project as a community project At Alif, where everyone could come and add his color to this painting, and then I had the time to finalize it. This painting is still today at and will be auctioned to the PCRF cause. Project done in 2021

Little Library
Read For Unity commissioned me to paint their little librairy box, in their mission, they are collecting a big amount of international kids book to offer them to public schools, refugees and more. I loved being part of this project. project done in 2020

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