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For all coffee lovers here is an illustrated print that represent coffee in different perceptions, wherever you are from Asia, Europe, Africa, , America... we are all united by coffee, everyone has their own way of doing it, drink it.

280 g with a semi glossy front and matt back.

It will come in a nylon sheet.

Being in the States for already 5 years, I miss my country Lebanon, coffee being an essential element in our everyday life and society, in every kind of gathering happy or sad, it is always around a good coffee that stories are told jokes are said... And this is what I miss the most; the coffee with my mom in the morning, the visit at Aunt Janette where she will read my future in the coffee cup... and by these paintings i try to make these moments last longer in my memories.

The postcard will packed carefully and it will be safely shipped with a free shipping in the United States.

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