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About the Artist

Hello, my name is Teresa, the creator of Teresa Afternoon. I am an illustrator, painter, maker, I Love to create pattern, and images inspired by everyday life. With a passion for colors, and love for drawing, crafting, painting a sewing. I enjoy transforming object and recycle material, create things and artworks that makes our life just a bit happier. I love to travel to new places (near or far) discover new flavors and tunes. Nostalgia, memories and everyday life are the spark that induce me to create new themes; and I always carry a sketchbook with me.

I am Lebanese, and moved to Atlanta 5 years ago. But this is not only what defines who I am. Being a resident on this planet, appreciating every culture and queer to know every ethnicity and origin, is what built me, and water my inspirations.

Beside the small illustrated books I created, and commission artwork i take, I created a new collection “Coffee Time” in which I develop the theme of coffee under different aspects, paintings, prints, hand printing, clothing, jewelry and more. And this theme is still growing on me and push me to explore more things and undertake new experimentations in my afternoon.

Passions and Ideas are my thrive to continue this journey. Being a mother of 2 little stars, and having the ultimate support and push of my husband, I am very exited to pursue this voyage, as I embark on this new page of my life and career.